What are bridge magnets?

What are bridge magnets?

Refrigerator magnets are generally used for decoration, and some are also used for memoranda, that is, small notes, such as what vegetables or other food in the refrigerator to buy, you can write them down. Refrigerator stickers are divided into 2 categories: one is magnetic stickers and the other is self-adhesive stickers. Magnetic stickers are reusable and self-adhesive stickers are disposable. Generally, they are used for decoration, but they are also used to record the storage in the refrigerator. There are also reminder functions for food. In short, there are many functions. Nowadays, more magnetic stickers are used, which are mainly divided into PVC soft plastic refrigerator stickers and coated paper refrigerator stickers. On the back, metal magnets or soft rubber magnets are generally attached.

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With more than 20 years of stickers and promotional gifts, the Yonghe team focuses on printing rare exclusive support and applying tailor-made decorations.

Advanced production facilities

Advanced production facilities

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high efficiency

high efficiency

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With over 20 years in Stickers and promotional gift ,YongHe team is specialized in printing rare in exclusive support, applying tailored finishings.
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Do fridge magnets damage the refrigerator?

Fridge magnets will not affect the normal operation of the refrigerator, and can also make the refrigerator look beautiful. There are two types of refrigerator magnets: magnetic stickers and self-adhesive stickers. It can be recycled and reused, and it is a relatively good choice of self-adhesive stickers for refrigerators: it is a one-time type, generally recording some things and reminding. Relatively speaking, you only need to choose the right one according to your own budget and needs. You can do it yourself!

What is the difference between fridge magnets?

Because the pattern and shape of refrigerator magnets can be customized, they are often used as gifts in addition to decoration. There are two types of material distinctions:
1. PVC fridge magnet
Environmentally friendly pvc substrate + environmentally friendly paint printing + magnetic stickers (soft magnetic), pattern customization, commonly used injection molding process, glue dispensing process, pad printing, silk screen printing, spray painting and other processes.
2. Metal fridge magnets
Metal material + enamel, baking paint and other processes + metal magnet (strong magnetic), pattern customization, commonly used real enamel process, imitation enamel process, baking paint process, die-casting process, colorless process, screen printing process, lithography process, etc. Among them, the real enamel process is to apply the crushed and ground enamel glaze on the copper or silver utensils, and then sinter the metal surface at a high temperature of 850°C.

What is the role of fridge magnets?

1. Decorative, as a home decoration, you can paste photos, graffiti, etc., to show the careful attention to details.

2. Functional, you can post notes and leave messages as reminders, and some refrigerator stickers have timers, thermometers, etc.

3. Artistic, refrigerator magnets, as ubiquitous handicrafts all over the world, contain rich elements and are the epitome of local art and life.

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Fridge magnet are divided into two types: one is magnetic stickers, and the other is self-adhesive stickers. Magnetic stickers can be reused, while self-adhesive stickers are disposable. It is generally used for decoration, but it also has a reminder function to record the food stored in the refrigerator. In short, there are many functions.

1. As a home decoration, decorate on the refrigerator, or display it on desks, wine cabinets, bar counters and other places you like.

2. The fridge magnet with built-in magnet does not affect the overall appearance, and can be vertically and horizontally attached to any household items that can be absorbed by the magnet.

3. Store display, photography background, film and television props, three-dimensional menu, hobby collection...

4. There are important matters, it is convenient for you to put a note in the refrigerator to remind you, and leave some warm quotes to your family, which is also very warm and romantic.

The method of sticking refrigerator magnets is to stick the refrigerator magnets on the side of the refrigerator and move the position. Because most of the refrigerator stickers are magnetic stickers, there is no way to absorb the stainless steel refrigerator shell. However, there is iron metal inside the side of the refrigerator, so you can stick the refrigerator on the side of the refrigerator. If you don't want to stick the refrigerator on the side of the refrigerator, you can directly use 3M double-sided tape to stick the refrigerator on the position you want.

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