Tamper proof label

Tamper proof label


An absolute rainbow of creative options are on offer to you, with our eye catching hologram stickers– their beautiful, bold and electric tones, really set the scene for some show stopping style!

The unique quality of these stickers will truly complement your packaging and products in a very alluring way, which are often used on ID cards, retail goods, for brand authenticity and other important assets.

Safety and Hologram stickers:
  • Prevent the opening, theft or replacement of products
  • Make copies and counterfeits impossible
  • Increase confidence in your product and its value
  • Can be supplied with unique logo and graphics
  • Help to distinguish your product from those of your competitors
  • Can be ordered in high quality, in unique colours and saturation
  • Cannot be removed without trace, due to special adhesive
  • Cannot be stuck on any another product
  • Make the packaging unique, shiny and high quality
  • Can be ordered in gold, silver and 11 other colours
  • Are available in both small and large quantities
  • Excellent value for money

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