Temporary Vs. Permanent – Tattoo Differences


  • Temporary Tattoos – these tattoos are incredibly easy to apply; all you need is the sheet design and some water. Place the sheet onto the skin, apply some moisture and wait for a few seconds for the design to transfer and develop. And, that’s it.
  • Permanent Tattoos – now, these tattoos require a more difficult application. Of all, a needle will penetrate your skin, so you can expect some blood for sure. The pain is also very high, and you’ll be generally uncomfortable most of the tattooing process. Permanent tattoos can be a bloody mess, especially the first days, where even after the tattoo is done, blood and plasma will ooze from the tattoo as a part of the healing process.
  • Longevity

  • Temporary Tattoos – these tattoos are designed to be, well, temporary. That is why the majority of temporary tattoos last only between one and two weeks, at best. The longevity of the tattoos depends on the water exposure, as well as clothes friction. If you take good care of the tattoo, and you’ve applied it properly, it will last you two weeks for sure.
  • Permanent Tattoos – these tattoos will last you a lifetime. That is unless you decide to go for laser tattoo removal, in which case they’ll last you how long you want them to last. Permanent tattoos are a lifelong commitment, which is surely not for everybody. It is also important to emphasize that permanent tattoos do change with old age; they start to fade, change shape and size, just as the skin starts to age as well.


  • Temporary Tattoos – these tattoos are extremely easy to get rid of. If you don’t want to wait for them to peel off on their own, you will only need some rubbing alcohol or an oil-based product. Apply one of these products onto a cotton ball and simply rub the tattoo away. You can get rid of a temporary tattoo in 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Permanent Tattoos – now, this is where things get a bit tricky; the best way to remove a permanent tattoo is via laser tattoo removal. Let’s be frank right away; laser removal is highly expensive and can be more painful than the tattoo itself. It is not enough to only go for one laser removal session and call it a day. For a medium-sized, grey tattoo you can expect up to 15 laser removal sessions. These sessions can also cost you more than the tattoo itself.

    Sife Effects and Health Risks

  • Temporary Tattoos – these tattoos do contain ingredients like colorants, varnishes, polymers, and resins. However, they’re generally deemed safe for use, even for children. However, it is not recommended for people with highly sensitive skin, or skin conditions, to use temporary tattoos.
  • Permanent Tattoos – well, because regular tattooing comprises actual skin penetration, health risks are surely high. There is a risk of bacteria and virus transferring in case of dirty tools or a risk of tattoo infection in case of improper aftercare. Tattoo infection is generally the main concern, so every tattoo artist needs to inform their clients about proper tattoo aftercare. The side effects of a tattoo infection include tattoo swelling, redness, rashes, nausea, fever, increased body temperature, etc.So, Which One Should You Get?

    So, Which One Should You Get?

    Considering all the info, and the pros-cons section, one can conclude that it would be a better idea to get a temporary tattoo. And we would, kind of, agree.

    It is better to get a temporary tattoo if you have low pain tolerance, ink allergy, or you simply don’t want to commit to a real tattoo your whole life. Sure enough, temporary tattoos can be a fun experience and an insight into the feeling of having a ‘tattoo’. They can serve as an excellent way to see whether you want a real tattoo or not.

    On the other hand, if you’re not afraid to commit to a tattoo full time, it is always better to go for the real deal or the permanent tattoo. Sure enough, these tattoos are rather costly and can cause you some pain and skin issues. But many would say all of that is worthy of a real-deal tattoo.

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