» Put on decorative fridge magnet, the refrigerator can also create warmth and romance

The sense of ritual of life can be found in all aspects of the home space, it can be the rocking chair on the balcony, the creative placemat on the dining table, the art hanging on the white wall... Similarly, the surf

» What travel souvenirs are the most popular? That's of course it: fridge magnet

What else can refrigerator magnets be used for besides sticking on the refrigerator? Some people say that refrigerator stickers are mainly used to decorate refrigerators, and also have the function of sticky notes for

» Do you know what a car sticker is?

Car stickers are stickers affixed to cars, motorcycles and other vehicles to beautify. The car sticker made its debut on April 20, 1887, at the world's first motor-car race in Paris. Car stickers can be basically div

» Some information about car stickers

Although the car stickers are not as rich as the fabrics of clothing, there are also many choices such as ordinary, luminous, metal reflection, laser reflection, metal wire drawing and so on. Car stickers are everywhere

» What are the different types of car stickers

Car stickers are generally divided into the following categories: sports stickers, which mainly refer to motor sports stickers. There are different models and tracks used in venue races and rally races, and car stickers

» What are the characteristics of car stickers?

The material of car stickers is mainly PVC outdoor special adhesive stickers that can adapt to outdoor conditions. It requires more wear resistance and UV resistance than ordinary advertising-grade materials. Although th