1. Stickers are generally brighter in color, which is easy to attract children's attention and exercise vision. The contents of the stickers are mostly cartoons that are being played now, which are easier to attract children. At the same time, children are more interested in cartoons.

2. If the sticker is put on the sticker book, it needs to be aligned with the place. One can increase the child's cognition, and the other can exercise the child's fine hand movements. However, I see some people on the Internet saying that children sometimes can’t sit still and post them everywhere. In fact, it’s not a big deal if you post indiscriminately, at least where do you want to post? The child has thought about this problem.

3. Whether it is a sticker book or a sticker, the child will choose the location according to the story he has made up. It exercises the child’s imagination very well. At the same time, it needs to play with stickers for a period of time, and it also exercises the child’s concentration.

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