Christmas may only last a few days, but its spirit is something that's meant to be kept all year-round. Cliches aside, some folks out there take that sentiment rather seriously, ensuring they never forget with a beautiful piece of ink. The Christmas season means different things to different people, as evidenced by our eclectic list of the most interesting Christmas tattoos. Whether that's through some of the best Christmas films and TV specials of all time, through classical depictions of the holiday or even through the darker side of Christmas, people are keeping the spirit all year with beautiful works of art that aren't going anywhere.

We've collected an incredible list, paying homage to some of the most beloved characters of Christmas such as Chip and Dale, Jack Skellington, Kermit the Frog and more. (We've even found a Bulbasaur-themed Christmas tattoo!) The influence of Christmas has found its way into almost every corner of popular culture -- even Halloween and the counter culture scene. Yes, that means we're about to show off the darker side of Christmas as well, and we're not talking about rampant consumerism. Take a look to find all sorts of inspiration for that next (or first) tattoo to keep the Christmas spirit forever.

Christmas tattoo sticker image - Christmas tattoo- YH Craft