Promotional Tattoos offered are cheapest promotional item that can be used to raise the popularity of the product, increase its market visibility and have also helped in making products an instant hit among the kids. These custom promotional tattoos can be made available by us in different finish choices with the possibility of usage on any kind of surface like body, plastic, wood, metal, glass, tiles as well as others. Offering a trendy platform for meeting the demands of promotions, advertising tattoos for advertisements, sales as well as marketing tattoos, these multipurpose tattoos can also be delivered in sticker format and helps in promoting confectionery products like candies, peppermints, chocolates, biscuits, bubble gums and others. The custom promotional tattoos solutions that we have provided to different consumer goods companies include Candyman Temporary Tattoo, Cheetos Temporary Tattoo, Crax Temporary Tattoo, etc.

Tattoo Stickers solutions offered comprise of wide range of temporary tattoo stickers that can be made available in different designs and themes as well as in attractive colors and shape options so as to match up with the demands of the customers. These quality tattoo stickers can easily transform tattoo designs as preferred by the customers for body stickers, especially kids, thus making these the most preferred and in-form means of product promotion and raising the popularity of the goods in the market. Few of the interesting and exciting tattoo stickers and themes we can offer include cartoon tattoos, company logo stickers, animal tattoos, sport tattoos, butterfly tattoos, flower tattoos, zodiac tattoos, arm band tattoos, bridal henna tattoos as well as horror scary tattoos among other choices. These tattoo stickers are also cheapest promotional means for distribution and can be used on any surface like body, glass, wood as well as on metal surfaces.

Temporary Tattoos offered, also known as fake tattoos, comprise of eco friendly temporary water based tattoos that are easy to apply as well as do not have any harmful effects on the body skin where these are applied, thus making these safe to play with by kids. The superior constitution provided in these temporary tattoos also makes them look like real tattoos and offer safest alternative to permanent tattoos as well as also provide a non-permanent imprint of image of temporary skin tattoos that very much gives the look and feel of a true tattoo. These can be directly applied on body without need of any ink injection in the body, thus also ensuring there is no permanent alteration of the skin due to these temporary skin tattoos. Further, the temporary water tattoos are water proof and long lasting, thus making these last anytime from few days to several weeks.

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