YongHe creates exquisite body art inspired by traditional motifs, animals, and pop-culture references. His carefully rendered designs are so crisp that they almost look like stickers that have been placed on the skin.

MR.L achieves this striking Pop Art effect by keeping his drawings pared down to one or two characters. This is also achieved by utilizing geometric shapes, as well as bold, black line art. By outlining his illustrations with a thick border, he contains the patterns and details inside the subject and makes the tattoo stand out against the human body.

In addition to creating flower tattoos and paper cranes, he also makes a variety of animal-inspired illustrations. Some of these, like his series of playful cats, contain flower motifs inside of the feline. Others take on a more cartoon-like aesthetic, such as sword-wielding geckos wearing robes and an alligator sporting a belt.

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