These Stickers fascinate everyone who knows how these little products look alike and how they make the surfaces distinguish and remarkable. People love them and most people wear t-shirts that have these stickers on it. These are made with iron. They are attractive to the eyes. There are many types of these are available in the market. Animal puffy stickers represent the jungle imagination with hanging cats, flamingo, and caterpillar. Panda stickers are also here to add some cute factors. These are made of Paperchase that shows the puffy part of the stickers. They look very cool.

There are the following steps below to make perfect stickers:

Place Material In Position:
These are some of the most pop types in the market. Especially the cute designs because they give 3D effect and soft touch which attracts kids more than normal stickers. The first point is that the factory needs to buy the blank foam PVC material to cut them in sticker sheet size. Then place on the silkscreen desk in a marked position. If cheap material is used for printing these stickers, it may not be able to give you permanent results. For getting good results, you need to use high-quality ink, paper, and print process.
How Are Puffy Stickers Made In Factory

Colorful Puffy Stickers

Screening Of Material:

Then the workers adjust the special screen ink to make the sticker design color proof. When the inks are ready for Printing, workers need to screen them one by one; this strategy helps to create a good impression of the brand and works to promote your company at every single customer’s interaction. Even small changes in these 3DStickers such as changing the font size or adding a new pattern can affect the performance of the business.

Hot Embossing And Die-Cut:
Add a little color to a smaller sticker that makes it effective and attractive. Colorful puffy stickers are not only perfect for a sweet touch on a page but they are also perfect for highlighting the titles too. These are a great way to reduce your investment in printing since you can set up multiple designs on a single sheet. Colorful stickers printing should be of the best quality. After the silkscreen finished then put them into the embossing machine. This machine makes them look 3D effect and just remove the useless parts. The cutting of the sticker gives a strong visual effect. You can use die-cut to get a better cut.

Packing With Printed Card:
Then pack these stickers in a bag with a printed card, which is a complete product you can buy in stores. You can use these Puffy Stickers for stationery decor, party fun, play games, etc. that would be a lot of fun. Sometimes the wholesale clients want additional processes such as hot stamping (gold, silver), silkscreen glitter, hologram, etc. That would be a similar process or additional materials. You can place these stickers on the products you make, on the cardboard boxes, those products that are being shipped, on laptops and envelopes, and anything else you send to your customers.