Making traditional paper bookmarks
1. Choose the paper you want. Choose hard card stock to support your bookmark, and then choose another pattern or image to paste on it. You can use other paper for collage or choose multiple patterns.
2. Paper cutting. The size of the bookmark is as you like. Cut the hard card paper into small bookmarks that are only 2.5 mm long and not protruding, or choose to make a traditional bookmark that is 5 to 7.5 mm wide. Do not let the bookmark length exceed 15 cm, otherwise the bookmark will protrude from the top or bottom of the book.
3. Add details. Use selected decorative paper or patterns, cut them out and paste them on the cardstock. You can paste a piece of textured paper or a pattern cut from a magazine on the entire piece of card paper to add style to your handmade work.
Adding glitter or stickers is a great way to give your bookmarks a personal touch without spending too much effort.
You can use a marker pen or a pen to add your favorite text, short sentences or famous quotes to the bookmark. You can also paint by yourself, or describe the details on the small pieces of paper and patterns you paste.
Paste the pictures you cut from the magazine on the card paper repeatedly to form a collage. You can also use your own private photos.
4. Seal the bookmark. In order to protect the bookmark from abrasion or damage, a protective cover can be added to the bookmark. If possible, a plastic sleeve can be used for lamination.
You can also paste wide packaging tape of the same length on both sides of the bookmark to create the same effect. Consider applying a hand-made liquid gel similar to epoxy glue on both sides of the bookmark. Apply one side at a time, and wait for the air to dry before applying the other side.
5. Make the finishing touches. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of the bookmark. Cut a 15 to 20 cm ribbon and fold it in half. Pass the end that forms the loop through the hole in the bookmark, and then pass the tail of the other end through the loop and tighten it.
You can add a variety of ribbons to make your bookmarks more textured and colorful.
Beads can be placed at the end of the ribbon to make it more charming. You can string a few beads, and then tie the ribbon to fix the beads.
Burn the cut of the ribbon with a match or a lighter to prevent abrasion. The flame can melt the plastic, making the end of the ribbon blunt and round.
Custom bookmarks