The Best Temporary Tattoos that are Worth A Try

Some special events are so big that new garbs are not enough. If you want to look badass at your next party, a temporary tattoo is a fun way to stand out and test out new tattoo ideas without trying too hard or bringing your mom to tears. With all the look and none of the commitment, temporary tattoos are trendy body art that lets you create a new style for every occasion.
Just to be clear, we’re not talking about the kiddy temporary tattoos that you used to wear in first grade. No superheroes or dinosaurs here. And please forget about those old-school tats that faded away as soon as you took a shower. Today’s best temporary tattoos are so cool and convincing that your closest friends will have to do a double-take next time you hang out. If you haven’t seen these babies at festivals or pool parties, it’s time you tried them on yourself and give your skin a hip makeover that’s realistic but won’t hurt a bit (not that you were ever worried about the pain).
The Best Temporary Tattoos that are Worth A Try

Connect with the outdoors with YH tattoo. This design stays on for up to 2 weeks. Vegan and environmentally friendly, it’s the perfect accessory for your hand or fingers. YH tattoos are designed by artists with trending themes that bring you unique tattoos.
The Best Temporary Tattoos that are Worth A Try2

For go-big-or-go-home type guys, the Sovereign-Gear Temporary Tattoos offer 8 large sheets of waterproof designs. Their genuine look is perfect to show off on your arms, chest, back, or legs.
The Best Temporary Tattoos that are Worth A Try3