I like a book with a bookmark, but one day at school I found out that I had brought three pasts at the same time
One day before going to bed, I accidentally knocked over the box in the corner, and the loaded items were scattered on the floor, so I squatted down to clean up. I was surprised to find that I did not know when, I had already collected a whole box of bookmarks, and they were easily forgotten by me in the high pavilion of memory.

     In the process of sorting out the scattered bookmarks, a question suddenly arises-what is the meaning of bookmarks?

     The college entrance examination is not a composition question, "magic bookmark". I used to like to brainstorm at will, but I found that I couldn't write a word. Never thought about it, never thought of it. People usually place bookmarks between the pages of the book so that they can find the place where they finished reading last time. Most readers do this, such as me, but I have never thought about the significance of bookmarks as the object itself, which exists at this moment.

     I think the most basic function of a bookmark is a node, a node for reading, marking where we are reading at the moment. Some people like to fold a small corner at the bottom of the page, the same is true, but the form of expression is different. This is a way to leave traces, and bookmarks are artificial products created to not leave traces in the objective spatial dimension. In summary, there is a meaning of "preserving progress", and this meaning is not limited to form.

    Looking at a box of bookmarks in my hand, some of them were even dusty. I brushed it off lightly, then sighed lightly. How long have you not used bookmarks? After asking this question, I feel ridiculous again. Why not ask, how long have you not studied seriously? When I was in school, I seized the gap to read, thinking that I was easy to read. When I waited for a holiday that was really suitable for reading, I was always slumped and didn't turn a page. But when I jam a book page with a bookmark, I feel urgency, nervous and I haven't started reading the book, as if the text on the book would run away if I didn't read it immediately. Bookmarks are reminders to remind people that it's too late, it's time to read, it's time to read continuously.

     Hmm... As for why I have collected so many bookmarks unknowingly, it is probably because I like to use different bookmarks to distinguish different contents when I read several books at the same time, so that the contents are not mixed together, and their independence is preserved. In this way, bookmarks represent a kind of memory partition.

     If you go to a deeper level, bookmarks can also be extended to turning points in history when they function as nodes. History is also a book, composed of a never-ending dialogue between the present and the past. Every historical event that changes the course of history may be a node that left traces, recorded in historical books, and understood by us. And beyond this, we will not know more nodes that have no traces, only that they form turning nodes, just like there is a necessary connection in an accidental connection.

The magical bookmark is actually in its existence, its own existence.

I can no longer cherish every bookmark.
Folding magnetic bookmark