Do you know what are the benefits of playing puffy sticker for children?

Exercise the child’s fine movements: grasping and fingertip movements are fine movements. After the child’s fine movements are in place and the finger nerves mature, then the child can achieve hand-eye coordination, wrist rotation, and writing and drawing. Can do it. When children play with stickers, it is the process of fine motor development.

Cultivate children's concentration: When children are playing with stickers, parents will find that children are very focused. The child is totally minded during the whole process of playing with stickers. Concentration is a common skill. It's impossible for children to be half-hearted when playing games. When they are learning, they will suddenly be able to concentrate.

Exercise children's cognition: especially for young children, the world is unknown to him, but if parents just use the sci-fi card to lead the child to get to know, the child will easily get bored. But playing with stickers is different. The children do it, and some stickers are still under their control, so the children will feel more involved, and the natural memory will be more profound.