Ferris Wheel Acrylic Stand | PVC keychain | YH Craft

Ferris Wheel Acrylic Stand | PVC keychain | YH Craft

Promotional gifts / promotional items could be described as items used for promotional purposes in marketing and marketing communications, and they usually contain the company logo. It may be fair to estimate that approximately half of such promotional items purchased are accounted.

Why use promotional items?

The main features of promotional items could be summarised as follows:

  1. Low relative cost. Other advertising methods can be much more expensive. Promotional goods also have that ‘hang around’ value. They are worn, used, or seen sometimes on a daily basis e.g. desk items, and so can achieve considerable reach and ‘impressions’ / ‘repetition’.
  2. High perceived value. These items are ‘gifts’ – they are perceived as being given free. It’s fair to assume that most people like to receive something free, and also like to receive gifts. The emotional and behavioural responses to receiving such gifts far outweigh the low cost of the items themselves.
  3. Flexibility. The product and product decoration variations are really limited only by budget. The right gift can be produced to appeal to your target market.

Generally the benefits of promotional items are could be grouped under several headings including the following, although it is accepted that there can be some crossover:

The brand and company image

  • Goodwill, and a positive attitude toward the company and brand can created in customers who receive promotional business gifts. The same positive attitude, goodwill and loyalty can be instilled or strengthened in employees who are given promotional gifts e.g. baseball caps, t-shirts, or desk goods.
  • Customer loyalty and even improved customer relations can result from the clever use of promotional gifts.

Motivate, reward and celebrate

  • Promotional gifts can be given as employee incentives e.g. reaching certain status within the company or reaching targets.
  • Customers can be encouraged / motivated to contact the company in order to receive the gifts e.g. to collect tokens on packaging in order to receive a promotional gift.
  • To celebrate an anniversary, a marketing event or a company achievement, you can reward customers and / or employees with appropriate promotional gifts.

Raise awareness, increase recognition and remind

  • Your logo, company name, and contact details are usually included on promotional gift items. This means that your company name is advertised e.g. when promotional clothing is worn, or promotional umbrellas are used.
  • Exposure to the promotional items can help to raise awareness of the company or a marketing / advertising campaign, increase recognition of and support e.g. the brand or a company celebration / event, or an advertising campaign.
  • Customers can be reminded where to go for goods and services e.g. if the have a promotional pen, or desk item with your company details on it.

Increase / stimulate leads, conversion and sales

  • Employees / sales people can be motivated and rewarded by certain higher end promotional goods.
  • Trade show traffic (which can produce leads) can be increased by offering appealing promotional gifts.
  • A business contact or a customer prospect lead can be converted to a customer with the right use of promotional gifts as motivation to take the final step. Lapsed customers can be encouraged to become customers again in the same way.

Preparations for running a promotion using promotional gifts

  • Prepare a system for measuring the effectiveness of the promotion. This will allow you to manage the promotion and compare it with future promotional activity.
  • Make sure that copies of your logo are prepared in the correct format i.e. prepare a large clear image of over 300 dpi resolution, use a vector format (EPS or PSD), have RGB and CYMK colour versions at the ready, use a qualified professional with a good software package e.g. Adobe Photoshop.
  • Allow adequate turnaround time for the promotional gifts to be prepared and sent e.g. 3 weeks.
  • Check the service (e.g. advice and assistance), check product samples for quality, and check the shipping / distribution options before committing yourself to choosing a promotional gifts supplier.

What to expect when ordering promotional gifts

  • A set-up cost to prepare your order.
  • A minimum order number.
  • A lower price per item for larger order quantities.

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Custom Ferris Wheel Acrylic Stand | PVC keychain | YH Craft