Car stickers are stickers affixed to cars, motorcycles and other vehicles to beautify. The car sticker made its debut on April 20, 1887, at the world's first motor-car race in Paris. Car stickers can be basically divided into three categories: sports stickers, modified stickers and personality stickers.

In addition to beautifying the car, alerting others and expressing personality, car stickers can also protect the paint surface and cover scratches. If the car accidentally scratches a few scratches, which affects the appearance of the car, you may wish to attach a car sticker. In addition, if the car sticker is made of reflective material, the sticker will improve the safety of driving at night.

The car stickers use special car sticker materials, the working temperature is -30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, with 3 to 5 years of waterproof, anti-UV, anti-oil, anti-wash liquid and can be easily removed without leaving residual glue and other characteristics, high-grade self-adhesive in Will not damage racing car paint and gloss after tearing off.