Although the car stickers are not as rich as the fabrics of clothing, there are also many choices such as ordinary, luminous, metal reflection, laser reflection, metal wire drawing and so on. Car stickers are everywhere on the whole car, on both sides of the body, on the hood, lamp eyebrows, skirts, and wheel hubs, as long as they are reasonably created within the scope permitted by the current regulations, they can fully interpret the car owner's personality and hobbies. Car stickers are not a patent for young people. People of all ages can find fun from car stickers as long as they love car culture and life.

Car stickers must withstand the wind and the sun, and the car stickers must have durability functions such as waterproof, sunscreen, non-fading, and no glue left after tearing. Therefore, the best choice for car stickers today is self-adhesive. The colors and materials are made by special processes, which have the highest color durability when they leave the factory, while other car sticker production methods such as printing, inkjet, photo, and screen printing use color ink jetting or screen printing on the bottom film. On top of that, with current technology, there is no pigment ink that can withstand outdoor wind and sun for a long time.

Since the knife-engraved self-adhesive can ensure that the logo of the racing sponsor is clear and high-quality on the car, and the high-grade self-adhesive will not damage the paint and luster of the car after it is torn off, the current international racing generally adopts knife-engraved self-adhesive. Dry glue car sticker production process.