What else can refrigerator magnets be used for besides sticking on the refrigerator?
Some people say that refrigerator stickers are mainly used to decorate refrigerators, and also have the function of sticky notes for taking notes.
In addition, it is used for collection. We collect it not because it is an antique and invaluable, but the experience and mood of that era, that period of time, which is irreplaceable and unrepeatable.
To use a phrase from Harry Potter: "The door key is a magical item in "Harry Potter" that can quickly transform a person from one space to another." Fridge magnets are like door keys, although they can't really take us through, but every time you pick up a different fridge magnet, you can remember where you went, who you were with, what you ate, and even when you bought it. what kind of mood.
Fridge magnets are a small gift that is both portable and suitable for giving.
Behind each fridge magnet is an oral travelogue that requires you to ask its owner to activate the switch. If you go to someone else's house and don't know what to talk about, it is recommended to start with his refrigerator magnets.
I don't know when it started, refrigerator magnets have become the only proof of traveler's check-in destination.
Every refrigerator magnet is a commemoration of "visiting here". But as an internet celebrity in the travel souvenir industry, it has a short history.