The sense of ritual of life can be found in all aspects of the home space, it can be the rocking chair on the balcony, the creative placemat on the dining table, the art hanging on the white wall... Similarly, the surface of the furniture and electrical appliances in the home space can also be It is decorated as a beautiful landscape. Take the refrigerator as an example, small decorations such as refrigerator magnets and creative hooks make your refrigerator also show the small warmth of life.
simulated food magnetic stickers|fridge magnet
The miniature version of the simulated food is pasted on the surface of the refrigerator to present a bright drawing board, as if it were a sumptuous dinner party. It is understood that the series of simulated food refrigerator magnets have various styles, including red teapot, red milk carton, burlap bag bread, mushroom pizza, etc. It seems that you can find the delicious food you love when you open the refrigerator, and at the same time, it also adds a lot to the kitchen space. color.